P-Star Introduces ‘American Cougars’ on Cable PPV

NEW YORK — P-Star Entertainment today announced the creation of “American Cougars,” a mature-rated adult reality TV show.

The series will debut on pay-per-view cable TV beginning today. “American Cougar” is a four-part series that features the intimate lives of three women in each episode.

“This show will literally seduce its audience as it becomes the next craze in reality television — a provocative pioneer in the future direction of adult entertainment,” P-Star President Jason Bane said. “Cougars are now a social phenomena in popular culture. Available in over 40 million homes in the U.S. and Canada our pay-per-view programming is an attractive choice for the millions of sexually charged couples, men and women, who get so much out of our unique programming.”

“American Cougars” includes four 60-minute episodes and additional outtakes. Cable subscribers can check their local listings for dates and times.