Food Is King at Tony Flush’s "Bubble Butt BBQ Vol. 2"

Slav Kandyba
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Before Black Ice director Tony Flush even had a chance to set up his camera, the performers in “Bubble Butt BBQ Vol. 2” were already warming up.

Early on the day of the shoot for the DVD title set for release today. “I busted people already having sex,” Flush told XBIZ.

Doing what comes naturally wouldn’t seem farfetched given that the premise of the title.

“The whole thing is we’re having a barbecue and they’re doing whatever they want,” Flush said of the 12 female performers that included established talent such as Cherokee D’Ass, Roxy Reynolds, Delotta Brown and Candice Nicole.

And although the performers — on the male side they included Rico Strong and Prince Yeshua — are African-American, the set was populated with “people of various races, colors and creeds.” Flush invited them out to enjoy the barbecue.

At times the food and the good times even seemed to overshadow the main reason everyone was there, because the mentality became trying “to get the sex out of the way and then having enough time to get the rest of the activity.”

As far as sex is concerned, there are two orgies and and a girl-on-girl that Flush is proud of because there is no timidity, or “pussy dodging,” he said.

Ultimately, the cover tells everything a fan may want to know about the contents: Both the studio and the director raved about the cover, which features Flush with a piece of chicken in his mouth and eight of the female performers, some with barbecue handprints on their rear ends and breasts.