Colt Opens Access to Beefcake Menu

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Gay adult production house Colt Studio has announced the Colt Men Image Viewer, a newly launched service on its official website designed to improve the ability of web surfers to peruse the company’s decades-long history of erotic male photography.

President and creative director John Rutherford said he surprised himself when he realized the depth of content available to members.

“All of us here at Colt headquarters have been pleasantly surfing our own website as our jaws drop to our keyboards,” he said. “Even I didn’t realize how many of our iconic images are now available online.”

Kristofer Weston, Colt’s marketing and project coordinator, told XBIZ the new service boasts several high-tech features, including “a snappy new interface that lets our members browse more quickly and easily our collection of nearly 36,000 images.”

An improved search function allows for sorting by model name, height and even length of endowment.

“The images load instantly and the new interface lets you zoom in to see every detail of every Colt, Buckshot Productions or Olympus man,” Weston said.

The images may be viewed individually or grouped into a slideshow.

Additionally, the company has recently uploaded its entire catalog to to take advantage of “new movie players with a full-screen feature,” Weston said, adding “and now that we’ve seen how it works we’re currently updating all the movies to screen at an even higher quality.”

The tweaks and other improvements to its website are “just the tip of the iceberg,” Weston said.

Plans for 2009 kick off next month with the launch of official fansites for a pair of company exclusives: and