Male Adult Models Found Dead

Matt O'Conner
LAVAL, Canada — The bodies of American adult models Steve Wright and Mark Kraynak have been discovered in a rock quarry in a suburb outside Montreal.

Wright, who worked as an exotic dancer and also performed in adult films, and Kraynak, who worked as a dancer and model, had been missing since the morning of Aug. 22, when they failed to meet a friend at an after-hours club as planned. Both men were represented in the industry by San Francisco-based FCF Agency. They were on vacation in Montreal after dancing during the summer at a Toronto club.

The pair had phoned friend Deric Manzi at 3:15 a.m. on the morning of their disappearance to say they were in a taxi on their way to the club. They never made it to the club, and when they also failed to turn up for a flight back to the United States the following day, Manzi and FCF President and CEO Stephan Sirard reported them missing.

Police immediately went to their hotel room, where they found the mens’ passports, clothes and other personal items, including Wright’s cellphone.

At the time, Sirard told XBiz that he feared the men ran into trouble with a cab driver or someone else. Kraynak served in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, and Wright was very open about his work in adult entertainment. He was known to introduce himself as Trevor (his stage name) and add, “I’m a porn star.”

Police could not confirm how the men died. Autopsies are being performed to determine whether they were pushed into the quarry or dragged there after being killed by some other means.

The Montreal Police Department had assigned its entire Major Crimes Division to finding Wright and Kraynak and set up a tip line. Detectives now are refocusing their efforts on uncovering who killed the men and why. They are still searching for the taxi driver who picked the men up, but there are upwards of 30,000 cab drivers in Montreal.

The search may be complicated by the fact that a global-positioning feature on Kraynak’s phone has revealed that he made a call from the area of the quarry on the night he and Wright disappeared.

However, Manzi told police that Kraynak sounded upbeat when he called and gave no indication that he was upset or under duress.

Sirard said his Wright and Kraynak were two of the most popular performers at his agency, which places models in adult industry jobs through offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Montreal.

He added that he is upset that much of the mainstream media is drawing attention to the fact that the men worked in the industry, especially given that they were on vacation and not working at the time they disappeared.