Uganda Bans Pornography

Tod Hunter
KAMPALA, Uganda — The Media Council of Uganda has banned the publication and circulation of pornographic and obscene material, according to Uganda news site

The Chairperson of Uganda's Media Council, Dr. Goretti Nassanga, said the ban follows widespread concerns by Ugandans on the increase of pornographic and obscene materials in Uganda’s media.

The functions of the Media Council include censoring films, videotapes, plays and other related apparatuses for public consumption. Dr. Nassanga said the ban is backed by Uganda's Press and Journalist Act and Penal Code Act, and also Article 17 of the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.

Dr. Nassanga has warned newspaper publishers, editors, broadcasters, journalists, video hall operators and media practitioners to stop publication and/or circulation of pornographic and obscene material — or risk closure and arrest. The order shall stay in force until the government passes a law on publication and circulation of pornographic and obscene matter.

The website also says, "The draft law recognizes that such publishers and circulators of pornographic materials can sell such material only to adults and will undertake efforts to protect children from exploitation as well as exposure to such materials."