Adult Performers Appear in ‘Chronic’ Comedy

Slav Kandyba
LOS ANGELES — Two adult performers appear in a mainstream straight-to-DVD comedy “The Haunted House of Chronic,” which premiered Tuesday.

In addition to Justice Jade and Kitten, veteran performer Sinnamon Love was on hand at the Bridge in Los Angeles for the premiere of the “stoner” comedy from director Chris Patterson.

Jade, who shot about eight scenes for Reality Kings and several other producers this year, told XBIZ it was her first mainstream role. It was also one that she literally walked into by chance earlier this year.

“I knew someone who was going to a casting call and there was more than one casting,” she said. “Someone asked if I wanted to try out and they found a part for me. I want to do more, it was fun.”

The plot of the irreverent “stoner” comedy is based around a haunted house inhabited by the ghost of a murdered marijuana dealer. After two former customers are directed to the house where the ghost provides a seemingly endless supply of chronic, the potent type of marijuana available in California, hilarity ensues.

The film, shot mostly on location in Los Angeles, will be released on DVD later this month.