Aden Jaric Flips on Jordan Jaric for Falcon

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios exclusives and real-life boyfriends Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric are switching up their typical onscreen roles. The company announced Aden will act as topman to Jordan in the forthcoming “Malibu Heat,” rather than the other way around.

“We have received more requests than we can count for us to change positions,” the couple jointly announced. “We always intended on switching, and possibly doing some other things, but we wanted to space it all out through the term of our contract so fans would always have something to look forward to.”

The Jarics signed on as exclusives last year and have filmed four movies together where Jordan topped Aden: “Endless Crush,” “Rough Play,” “Winter Heat” and the recently released “Best Men, Part 2: The Wedding Party.”

Starting next Wednesday, Falcon will begin previewing the new vignette online at their official website.

The DVD of “Malibu Heat” drops Dec. 9. Pulse Distribution exclusively manages U.S. wholesale sales for Falcon products.

The Jarics also maintain an official studio blog.