Affiliate Program Triple 10 Vault Adds

Slav Kandyba
BOCA RATON, Fla. — Affiliate program Triple 10 Vault has added to its network of sites following a successful beta run.

The site is Triple 10 Vault’s first in the she male category, and features semi-exclusive content, CEO Luca Bizzotto told XBIZ.

By offering a free trial membership promotion during the testing phase, Triple 10 aimed to convert straight men who “may not be curious enough to pay” for the content into members, Bizzotto said.

“We saw a huge jump in sales because it pushed these guys over the edge — kind of cure their curiosity,” he said. “Once we get them in the door, we have four others sites with straight content. They can have their curiosity cure and they can have plenty of straight, exclusive content – all for the same membership.” members area has thousands of high-resolution images and high-quality videos, 12 bonus sites, thousands of hours of DVD footage. It also features links to other straight sites, and

Earlier this week Triple 10 Vault announced it moved from its standard 50/50 partnership program to payouts as high as $40 per trial membership in response to affiliate demand.