Collin O’Neal an iReporter for CNN

JC Adams,
BERLIN — A short bit of video shot by performer and Collin O’Neal Productions CEO Collin O’Neal has been picked as a featured story by CNN’s user-generated website

Shot during a recent rainy evening in Paris, O’Neal discusses a noticeable change in how Europeans have treated Americans over the past week.

A CNN reporter contacted him shortly after he uploaded the video. They were interested, Mr. O’Neal said, “in my commentary on how different Europeans and especially the French have been treating Americans abroad since the election of Barack Obama.”

O’Neal produced the video using his given name, Shawn Loftis. He believes he is in a unique position to observe European attitudes towards Americans given his the scope of his globe-trotting pro/am series “World of Men.”

The short is featured on under the title “American in Paris”.