Utah Company Markets Software That Detects Adult Content

Slav Kandyba
OREM, Utah — A software company is marketing forensic enterprise software that analyzes and detects adult content on workplace networks and computers.

The software, created by a company called Paraben, will cost about $17,000 for a network with 500 computers, investigative attorney and security specialist Marc Weber Tobias wrote in a post on technology website CNET. The software went on sale Sunday.

Tobias wrote that the software might help businesses curb employee viewing of adult content and help shield companies from lawsuits filed by former employees on the basis of sexual harassment or hostile work environment.

“Naturally, corporations want to avoid the potentially serious legal consequences and protect their bottom line,” Tobias wrote.

Paraban’s software uses “a number of sophisticated parameters and grades images at three levels” to monitor for adult content. The program cannot discriminate between child and adult pornography and it doesn't monitor mobile devices.