Spartacus Prepping New Black Clamps

Tod Hunter
MILWAUKIE, Ore — Fetish gear manufacturer Spartacus Enterprises has announced the release of two new black nipple clamp designs.

“These new clamps reflect our philosophy at Spartacus Enterprises," Spartacus Operations Manager Laurie told XBIZ. "People often try to reinvent the wheel, to make unnecessary changes to an item just for the sake of novelty. Our new clamps have trustworthy designs that have withstood the test of time. Releasing colored and nickel-free versions of classic items allows us to offer more options to our clientele without sacrificing our passion for quality.”

The first is the classic adjustable tweezer-style clamp, which can be adjusted to suit the endurance of the wearer. The second is a black version of the "butterfly" clamp, known for its unique design which increases the pinching force of the clamps as the chain is pulled. Both models are packed in pairs connected by a black chain. Both come with a matte black coated finish and the clamps and the chain are nickel-free.

Spartacus also is expanding its collection of beaded nipple clamps, adding tweezer-style and a broad-tipped design with three opaque black beads. A matching clit clamp is available to complete the set. Like all of Spartacus' black nipple clamps, these also are nickel-free.

The new items will be distributed in Spartacus' signature packaging, with a new description of each item in French, Spanish, and German on the back of the box, so these new products can be marketed to an international audience immediately. Spartacus has plans to include these languages on all of its packages.

For more information, visit the Spartacus Enterprises website.