MTV’s Johnny Knoxville Visits Stockroom

Slav Kandyba
LOS ANGELES —, the official website of MTV daredevil and prankster Johnny Knoxville, is airing two webcasts based around a visit to Stockroom. The store and many of its products are showcased.

In "Mister Merlin's Stockroom Tour" clip, Knoxville teams up with Mister Merlin, director of Los Angeles-based lifestyle and professional dungeon The Broken Door.

"It's been my goal to turn up the volume on the homoeroticism and sadomasochism inherent in the Jackass aesthetic,” said Merlin, a featured host on “For being a gay-friendly, campy gang of whacked-out masochists, they're actually all-vanilla (mostly) straight boys. So this is very fun and naughty for them.”

Stockroom's Ann-Marie Holman hosts the tour, and Knoxville's friend Christopher "Crash" Richard, lead singer of Los Angeles rock band "The Deadly Syndrome,” also participates. In the clip, Knoxville polishes Crash’s legs with Eros Bodyglide lubricant in order to slip him into a closefitting rubber police uniform from Syrex Latex Couture.

Crash also stars as Knoxville's target in an impromptu skit that involves suction cup-based dildos, wielded like carnival knifethrower and tossed at Crash as he leans up on an office door.

In the second video clip, Mr. Merlin does a "Show and Tell" for Johnny Knoxville and friends in the JackassWorld office.