Titan Media Chief Named to AICO Board

Christopher Karwowski
SYDNEY — Director and studio head of Titan Media claimed one more title yesterday: member of the board. Cam, president and CEO of Titan Media, has long spearheaded adult's fight against piracy.

"I have long been battling content theft for over five years now," Cam said.

"I hope that I can bring my experience as a vocal and diligent anti-piracy advocate to good use at AICO. When a pirate steals from one of us, they steal from everyone involved in and around the adult film industry."

Titan has been a longtime member of AICO.

Cam joins fellow AICO directors Malcolm Day of AdultShop.com, Todd Blatt of Antigua Pictures and Samantha Lewis, CEO of Digital Playground.

AICO currently lists more than 50 international studios and distributors. The nonprofit is a leading adult force in preventing copyright violations in Australia.

More information about AICO can be found on their web site.