Larry Flynt: Obama Presidency ‘Sunlight of a New American Dawn’

Slav Kandyba
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — In a statement published on, Hustler’s founder and publisher called President-Elect Barack Obama’s victory potential “sunlight of a new American dawn.”

“It was only tamped underfoot, squeezed hard beneath the weight of eight years of divisive national crisis and the steady erosion of the guarantees that made this imperfect Union an exemplar for the world,” Flynt wrote in his five-paragraph statement.

For Obama, Flynt continued, “work begins now in earnest."

That work — “the restoration of our national luster — will take more than hope, more than a contagious zeal for change,” Flynt said. “Real transformation requires achieving the nearly impossible: snapping the bonds of hate and the polarization it fosters.”

Flynt pointed squarely at what he called “toxic and failed policies of the Bush Administration” as the reason Obama won so resoundingly.

“The American people demanded this change,” Flynt said. “And we will all be watching closely as the president-elect takes these first steps into what could be the sunlight of a new American dawn.”