Lucas Teases 'Fire Island' Return

JC Adams,
NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has released production information and a teaser poster for “Return to Fire Island,” their forthcoming revival of the studio’s popular “Fire Island Crusing” series.

“Return to Fire Island” is being released in two parts, the official ninth and tenth installments in the series.

Lucas costars with studio exclusives Ben Andrews and Wilfried Knight.

Featured players include Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Nick Capra, Lucca Ciccone, Jason Crew, Mike Dreyden, Travis Irons, Andy Kay, Ridge Michaels, Danny Parker, Ryan Raz, Jacob Samson, Rusty Stevens and Jackson Wild.

“Return to Fire Island, Part I” drops Nov.25, while “Return to Fire Island, Part II” is set to ship on Dec. 2.

The first “Fire Island Cruising” earned Lucas an award for Best Solo Performance, his first trophy after establishing Lucas Entertainment in 1998. It was also notable for introducing popular performer Chad Hunt.

But the notoriety of the series and film crews on the island led to a series of publicized clashes between Lucas and the Fire Island Homeowners Association.

He ultimately decided to retire the series. However, the line was shelved only temporarily while he concentrated on other aspects of the company, Lucas told XBIZ in an earlier interview. “I gave the line a break to create demand,” he said. “The FIHA just helped me make the decision faster.”

Attitudes on the iconic island have changed with the passage of time. And Lucas said there has been a changeover in management of the FIHA.

Retail information about “Return to Fire Island” can be gleaned via their official website.

Lucas Distribution is managing wholesale sales and information.