John Wayne Bobbitt Fights to Promote DVD

CYBERSPACE — On Nov. 15 John Wayne Bobbitt will step in the ring to box comedian Rev. Bob Levy.

The fight will be featured at

Bobbitt will appear on “The Howard Stern Show” Nov. 13 to promote the fight and the release of his “Uncut” special edition DVD.

In 1993, Bobbitt’s penis was cut off by his then-wife while he slept. His ex-wife then fled the scene with severed penis in hand and tossed it out the window of her car. The penis was discovered by police and reattached.

In 1994, Bobbitt made his porn debut with “Uncut,” which was directed by Ron Jeremy and features cameos from Motley Crue front man, Vince Neil and Lemmy of Motorhead.

Bobbitt later underwent a controversial penis enlargement procedure, which led to the sequel “Frankenpenis” that included a performance from Tabitha Stevens and included a cameo from rapper Ice T.

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