Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne Appears on Xcitement’s Cover

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne will appear on the cover of the November issue of Xcitement magazine, which will be out Nov. 1.

Xcitement is a nightlife magazine of the southeastern U.S. that is distributed free through adult clubs and retailers.

"Our score card for picking new girls who will have great futures is excellent and we were immediately taken with Nikki," Xcitement Publisher Bob Newman said. "She's an exception to our usual pattern of picking already established stars."

Jayne is a native of Wigan in the north of England. Jayne told Xcitement that her main motivation to leave England for Southern California was the weather.

“The only good thing about L.A. is the sunshine and the career," Jayne said. "I like driving around in the sunshine, it makes me happy and I like the beaches... I've met some nice people, maybe 20 percent ... and 80 percent phony people. There is a lot more bitchiness here and fake people."

Jayne is also featured on a new Vivid Girl series of skateboards from Control MFG, which will be available next year.