Adult Video Store Liable for Sex Harassment

Matt O'Conner
AUGUSTA, Maine — The state’s Human Rights Commission ruled that a clerk working at an adult retail store called 1st Amendment Book and Video sexually harassed customer Raymond Clark during multiple visits to the store.

"I was a regular customer at FABV," Clark said in his complaint to the commission. "I was subjected to constant sexual harassment and sexual advances by one of the gay male clerks at the store, Carlton Larrabee. I found his actions to be totally unwelcome and offensive."

The commission agreed in a split ruling that Clark had been victimized by Larrabee’s behavior but shot down one charge — that he was illegally barred from the store following his complaint.

On that point, the commission sided with store owner Will Stuart Sr., who said he banned Clark because he was being a nuisance to other customers.

The commission will now attempt to broker a settlement between the two sides, but if either side opposes the terms, the case could go to court.

Commissioners never asked Clark why he continued frequenting the store if he was so upset by Larrabee’s advances, but Stuart Sr. offered his own theory based on a comment Clark made to his son.

"When Mr. Clark was protesting in front of the store and Will Jr. asked him why, the complainant pointed to the sign above the entrance to the store and said, 'I expect a big check,'" Stuart said.