XXXChurch Moving Headquarters to Las Vegas

Bob Preston
LAS VEGAS — Craig Gross wants to be a pilgrim in an unholy land.

The Christian pastor is leading his antiporn ministry XXXChurch to Sin City itself, Las Vegas, where he and his team will establish a new headquarters.

Gross said the choice to move XXXChurch's home base out of Michigan was easy because the adult temptations in Las Vegas are "more powerful and strong than any place I've ever been."

He won't be going it alone, either. The Henderson, Nev.-based South Hills Church Community is entering into some kind of partnership with XXXChurch, which will refer people to South Hills. Meanwhile, South Hills is starting work on a new, $15 million church.

Gross and the XXXChurch team have put in year appearances at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and Gross himself has debated the virtues and vices of adult entertainment with industry legend Ron Jeremy at highly publicized face-offs around the country.

The ministry also got some indirect coverage recently with the release of the faith-based action movie "Fireproof." The movie stars Kirk Cameron as a porn-addicted firefighter. Software company announced a 30 percent sale on Safe Eyes, its Internet filtering program that automatically blocks millions of sex-related websites.

"The 'Fireproof' message that you can overcome your relationship challenges, whether it's porn addiction or lack of communication, is destined to rescue many marriages," InternetSafety’s CEO Forrest Collier said in a statement.

"Everyone with access to the Internet is either targeted, tempted or in the trenches regarding Internet porn," Gross said. "Safe Eyes provides a practical tool for limiting exposure to sexual content and hopefully curbing one's appetite for it as well. It's a simple idea — see no evil — that helps wean people away from the habit."

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