Robert Van Damme Inducts MightyMan Vince Ferelli

JC Adams,
LOS ANGELES — Gay adult pro/am website has announced a new erotic vignette featuring bodybuilder Robert Van Damme as he inducts gay-for-pay newcomer Vince Ferelli into the skin trade.

The vignette is titled “Oops!” and involves Van Damme offering a special brand of assistance when Ferelli asks for help breaking into the porn business.

“Vince doesn’t mention that he is straight and wants to be a straight porn star,” MightyMen webmaster Jon Royce said.

“Van Damme gladly brings Vince back to his studio and proceeds to bang the daylights out of his rock-hard muscle butt. It is only after the two have had sweaty man-sex that Vince tells Robert he wanted to be a straight porn star. Oops.”

Ferelli bottomed for the first time for MightyMen after shooting several solo jack-off scenes for other VOD websites.

Veteran performer Van Damme made his MightyMen debut with the vignette.

Royce said he invited several website members to view a rough cut of the scene prior to streaming it online. “They all said Robert gives one of his best performances. I want thank him for showing Vince the ropes. Vince didn’t know how much work goes into shooting a scene.”

A three-minute preview is now streaming online.

The Van Damme-Ferelli scene is part of the website’s “Double Ejaculation Series” that features two performers delivering two cumshots apiece.