U. K. Police Arrest Chinese National for DVD Piracy

Christopher Karwowski
CARDIFF, Wales, U.K. — A Chinese immigrant was found guilty of multiple charges of DVD piracy and trademark violation.

Zhong Mei Teng was charged after authorities discovered almost 1,000 pirated DVDs, including 121 adult titles. According to a report posted on Wales Online Teng was first charged in 2007 with possession of 430 copied DVDs and 121 illegal adult titles. Police later seized an additional 322 copied DVDs at his residence.

Teng failed to appear in Magistrate's Court but continued to illegally copy DVDs. Authorities discovered an additional 143 commercial DVDs and 54 adult titles.

The Chinese immigrant was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Since he had entered the U.K. illegally, he was ordered deported after his prison term is served.

Teng contended that he was not the main culprit of the multiple offenses.

In his defense, Teng said that "he made the illegal copies in order to make the money he needed to send to his children in China," according to the report.