HARD Named on Fairvilla’s Top 10 Best-Selling Supplements

ORLANDO — HARD For Men was named on Fairvilla’s Top 10 Best-Selling Supplements twice for its single package and three-count package of the sexual enhancer.

The HARD single package was named the No. 3 and the HARD three-count package was No. 8 Best Selling Supplement by .

HARD, is a 100 percent all-natural male sexual enhancer is manufactured in the U.S. by Lifestyle Ventures and distributed exclusively by Adventure Industries.

“We at Adventure Industries believe HARD is a quality product with thousands of satisfied customers,” said Brian Herbstman, Adventure Industries sales manager. “I'm not surprised it’s on Fairvilla’s ‘best seller’ list. We had a research and development group work on our product for quite some time, making sure it would be a product that we could sell for years. I think that’s reflected in our success with Fairvilla and other stores.”

Fairvilla Megastore is a chain of three stores in Orlando, Key West and Cape Canaveral in Florida.

“Fairvilla’s one of the top dogs in the game,” Herbstman said. “People use their ‘best seller’ list as an encyclopedia of products that move. If HARD sells there, store owners know it will sell across the country. They’ve also had some input in our marketing materials, which of course helps them move the amount of HARD pills they do each month. We’ve had posters, T-shirts and even visors printed up with the HARD logo on them, and distributed quite a large amount to Fairvilla stores. We’ve also sent a lot of free samples, of course. These efforts all help HARD sell.”