Hyde Park’s Meyers to Direct 1st Movie

PHOENIX — Hyde Park Productions’ exclusive twink adult star Ryan Meyers will direct his first movie, “Half Pipe Twinks,” to be released in early 2009.

“Well, simply put, I have worked in the industry as a model for a couple years now and I love it,” Meyers said. “The fact that it is a lot of work and fun at the same time makes it the ideal industry for me. I think I have proven myself as a talented model and will continue to do so as I also take on the role of director.”

Hybrid Boys Productions will be headed by Myers and will be financially backed by Hyde Park Productions. The focus of Hybrid Boys will be to mix the boy-next-door, preppy twink, skater boy, and jock types in a new genre.

“Ryan has learned a great deal during his career with us and we felt it was time we backed him in his first mainstream adult release,” said Doug Knight, Hyde Park producer. “He is my protégé and I will assist with the filming in a limited capacity. We have gone over the script, location and there is no doubt ‘Half Pipe Twinks’ will be a great movie and I can’t wait for the production to begin.”

The first film, “Half Pipe Twinks,” is about a group of friends that are all in the closet and as the movie unravels they are all forced to come out. The movie ends in an orgy.