Pure Play Media Releases ‘TGirls on Girls Vol.1’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pure Play Media has released “TGirls on Girls Vol. 1” exclusively direct to retail.

“TGirls” is the first volume featuring exotic women of Brazil in hardcore action with transsexuals.

“ ‘TGirls on Girls’ is a first with this type of genre and is a perfect example of content catered to appeal to a very loyal and specific consumer,” said Richard Arnold, Pure Play Media CEO. Retailers will find high demand for this new series. It’s cast well and has immediate appeal to fans of ‘TGirls.’”

The movie stars Suzy Pavanello, Raicca Amorim, Anny Castro, Sachenka Levtchenko, Carla Movaes, Morgana, Lorena Smith, Karine Muller, Marcela Ramos and Hannah.

Pure Play Media is offering a $100 rebate on all catalog orders of $250 or more through the month of October. For details, visit PurePlayMedia.com.