Indie Filmmaker Explores Sex, Erotica for

Bob Preston
LOS ANGELES — Filmmaker Joe Swanberg works in the demilitarized zone between erotica and adult, indie and gonzo.

Swanberg had carved out a niche shooting two mainstream documentary-style series for the Independent Film Channel's online portal that follow denizens of the adult industry while exploring the meaning of contemporary sexuality.

His latest project for is "The Stagg Party," which tracks the career of photographer Ellen Stagg, who splits her time between lucrative fashion photography and her driving passion, erotica.

Stagg said that she found herself attracted to working with Swanberg because their daily jobs present them both with ongoing challenges.

"We realized we had a lot in common with our work and the fine lines we are always trying to not cross." Making sexually focused art that is entwined with and fueled by their real lives, they both need to figure out how to keep some separation between the two.

Swanberg's other series for is called "Young American Bodies," and it follows several young actors as they couple onscreen and engage in random banter and live their lives. The episodes feel like a cross between Eon McKai and Cameron Crowe.

To watch episodes of "Young American Bodies," visit the official website.

For more information on "The Stagg Party," visit