Falcon Director Cruz Blogs on 'Blue Movie'

Christopher Karwowski
SAN FRANCISCO — Steve Cruz, co-director of the upcoming Mustang release "Blue Movie," can add one more title to his impressive list of production credits: blogger.

The director-actor and "Hotter Than Hell" star offers viewers and colleagues alike a unique behind-the-scenes peek at the newest Mustang release.

The production blog is a multi-part series hosted by Falcon. In the first part of the blog, Cruz interviewed U.K.-based Dillon Buck.

Buck speaks about working with fellow "Blue Movie" stars Zak Spears and newcomer Adam Herst.

"I wasn't into water sports until I met Adam in that scene," Buck says in the blog of his topping Herst. "Now, if my partner is into getting pissed on, I'll do it without hesitation."

The interview touches on Buck's first movie in adult at age 27, his new status as a "daddy," his A.D.D. diagnosis and condom use in adult.

Fashion photographer Joe Oppedisano lensed still images of both on- and off-set antics.

Buck was tapped to direct "Blue Movie" with Leif Gobo. "I thought he was an amazing person, full of ideas." Troy Prickett, Falcon's director of promotion said.

The production blog appears in four installments. The next posting will be on Nov. 1 with the final post tied to the film's VOD premiere on Dec. 9 and a Dec. 23 release on DVD.