Intense Industries to Release Genre-Themed 4-Packs

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Intense Industries, distributor, retailer and consumer adult video manufacturer, today announced that it will release genre-themed four-packs.

“Thankfully, the response to our product has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Vince Miller, Intense Industries president and founder. “We’ve listened to what our customers have been asking for and have been rewarded with their loyalty. Well, we’re still listening — and in direct response to their requests — Intense will now be releasing genre-themed four-packs.”

Intense will release four-packs in the lesbian, gang bang, solo, all-girl, anal and fantasy-driven genres.

According to Miller, the four-packs will be shrink-wrapped rather than boxed to give the retailer the option of breaking up the sets.

The initial genre-themed four-pack will be released shortly, while subsequent four-packs are scheduled to be released every four to six weeks.

“With the state of today’s economy — we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the need of the public’s need of a greater value,” Miller said. “We feel that our four-pack will satisfy that need and serve as a ‘thank you’ for the continued support.”

For information on Intense Industries or sales inquiries, contact Vince Miller at (818) 775-1095 or via email at