Buzz West Media Releases 1st DVDs

Tod Hunter
SAN DIEGO — Gay studio Buzz West Media has released its first two DVD titles, "Straight Military Men, Caught on Tape" and "Straight Military Men, Special Forces." A subscription website established in June 2006, features straight military men in solo scenes and paired with gay performers.

"Our members have been asking us for a long time to offer DVDs so they can collect and own them, as well as watch them on a large screen television," Buzz West said. "We are excited to offer our first two DVDs featuring some of my first-time favorites."

West got his start in 2001 with San Diego-based straight-military shooter Dirk Yates. When Yates sold his company in April 2006, West went off on his own, launching the website.

"Straight Military Men, Caught on Tape" and "Straight Military Men, Special Forces" are available through the online store. Website members get discount prices on all items in the store.

Buzz West Media plans to release two more videos by the year's end. Distributors should email or for more information.