PopPorn.com Releases Humorous Webisode Review of 'Pirates 2'

PHILADELPHIA — PopPorn.com has released a humorous webisode review of Digital Playground's "Pirates 2" that features Stoya, one of the film's stars.

The light-hearted clip is a point/counterpoint assessment between Stoya and site critic Spock Buckton. The site claims it spent "tens of dollars" on real time, analog effects for the video.

“Digital Playground could have funded a small South American war or eased economic strife with the money they put into this release, but they didn’t," said Brian Bangs, editor-in-chief of PopPorn.com. "Instead, they’ve given the world an adult film that is bigger, more badass and more skeleton-infused than any other feature in history and starring the most beautiful women in the industry and Evan Stone’s balls. We were dying to get our hands on this for a webisode.”

To view the webisode, click here. For more information, contact Brian Bangs at bbangs@popporn.com.