Jack Jelly Masturbation Lube Bears One-Hand-Friendly Packaging

Ariana Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS, NV — Empowered Products now offers a flip-flop packaging for its Jack Jelly masturbation product.

The packaging is a slender 3.3 oz. tube that is travel-friendly and TSA compliant.

“Users can now enjoy the slick, rapid-fire jelly with a flick of the wrist and a little squeeze,” said Mason Nance of Empowered Products. “Consumers prefer tubes because they are more hygienic and easier to use.”

Jack Jelly is formulated with medical grade oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and is water-resistant. It is available at adult outlets worldwide and comes in a .25 oz. sample size.

For sales information contact Empowered Products by phone at 1-800-929-0407 or online at EmpoweredProducts.com.