Secret Bathroom Filmer May Get Kicked Out of New Zealand

Bob Preston
ROTORUA, New Zealand — A porn addiction might get an embattled New Zealander kicked out of his adopted country.

Twenty-five-year-old Feiyu Zhou, a Chinese immigrant and restaurant supervisor, got busted for posting a video camera inside a toilet brush holder to film people using the restroom.

He amassed a collection of 10 videos during June 2007 – five men and five women, all using the bathroom in a local Starbucks. According to authorities, Zhou would turn on the camera and wait in the coffee shop until he had a recording. After the patron left the bathroom, he would go in and grab the tape. An employee eventually uncovered the scheme.

In court, Zhou pleaded guilty to five counts of making an intimate visual recording. He's been sentenced to 200 community service, along with other probationary measures. Zhou must also write a letter of apology to be dispersed through the media. In addition, New Zealand's department of immigration has revoked his work permit and is thinking about terminating his residency.

For his part, Zhou said he's deeply ashamed of his actions, which he called the "most disgusting things in my life."

Zhou's girlfriend has stood by him through all this. She said that she didn't know anything about her boyfriend's interest in pornography.