LimeWire Sued to Stop P2P Files

Christopher Karwowski
NEW YORK — Entertainment company Razor & Tie, parent company of children's music label Kidz Bop has accused LimeWire of mass copyright violations.

LimeWire's P2P structure revisits ground that many thought was settled when Napster was barred from executing similar file sharing operations.

Razor & Tie claims in the suit that LimeWire has "created a piratical haven where millions of users worldwide swap stolen recordings."

LimeWire CEO Mark Gorton and COO and chief technology officer Greg Bildson are named as defendants. Gorton is additionally accused of illegally transferring assets to avoid potential seizure.

"Defendants, undeterred in their piratical goals, relish their role of successor in piracy to companies like Napster and Grokster," the suit claims. "[They] brazenly continue to promote, market, and distribute LimeWire, fully aware of the massive scale of infringements taking place on their services."