Digital Playground's Lewis Joins AICO Board

Tod Hunter
SYDNEY — Digital Playground cofounder and CEO Samantha Lewis has been named to the board of Australia's Adult Industry Copyright Organization, the adult industry trade group established to reduce the level of piracy of adult films in Australia through education, promotion and enforcement.

"Samantha Lewis and Digital Playground are great supporters of the fight against adult film piracy," AICO CEO Graeme Dunne said. "Samantha's expertise and standing within the global adult industry is of great benefit to AICO.

"There's a sweet irony in the producer of 'Pirates' and 'Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge' leading the fight against adult film pirates."

AICO recently settled two film piracy cases in Australia, working on behalf of more than 15 straight and gay member studios. They secured cash payments from the offenders and also arranged negotiations with legal distributors so the offenders could sell non-pirated product.

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