Silvercash Switches to NATS Affiliate-Tracking System

Bob Preston
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Affiliate company Silvercash has moved to platform powered by the popular NATS tracking software.

Silvercash's JohnV said that current affiliates won't have to change any of their old links to get on board with the new NATS system.

“In this current market environment, we felt that the integration of NATS as our affiliate tracking system simply creates an ability for our affiliates, and our team, to be more efficient and profitable together,” he said.

Silvercash President and CEO Mike Price echoed that sentiment.

“We’re excited to offer our affiliates what they’ve been asking for as well as some additional new features," he said. "With this latest round of new features, we’ve created the Silvercash that we’ve all been asking for and looking forward to. It’s our intention to be as proactive as possible from this point forward in regard to the needs and desires of our affiliates."

Along with the system upgrade, Silvercash has also rolled out five exclusive new sites, $1 trials, new banking solutions, a new content delivery network, new servers, a new data center and other upgrades that cost almost $1 million.

In July, unveiled the fourth version of NATS, which lets affiliate companies track sales based on country, the type of tour or the type of advertising tool used. The companies will be able to cross-reference this information to see how different tools work in different places.

The launch also included expanded phone support. Clients will be able to call support from 10 a.m. to midnight EST. The company plans to eventually offer 24-hour phone support.

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