Hook-Ups, Tryouts, and POVs

Hook-Ups, Tryouts, and POVs
I like West Coast Productions' movies (and B. Pumper's flicks) for several reasons.

On the lowest end of the totem pole, I always enjoy the soundtracks to his films. This movie in particular has a bumpin' soundtrack devoid of lyrics, but the music speaks measures.

Moving higher up the pleasure ladder is the fact that Pumper casts his movies with a keen eye. Hook-Ups features 9 (booyah!) of the sexiest ebony thangs, which brings me next to something higher up on the ladder:

Variety. It indeed has hook-ups (ranging from the guys scoping sunny L.A. for sexy babes to screw), tryouts (sexy newbie auditions) and POVs (one of my favorite genres). Every scene has all three of these elements included. Pumper gets major points for sticking to the theme of the film.

And if you actually take the time to watch the whole thing (I know it's hard to battle the urge to jump right to the sex sometimes), you'll find lots of humor between Pumper, his buddies and the ladies (there's a funny failed attempt that gets ugly quickly, and it's as funny as you'd expect).

The result is that everything feels authentic and unscripted; a naughty aura permeates the flick that makes things highly exciting.

I really have no complaints, and that's just not right, dammit! I feel robbed. Damn.

Starring Pleasure Bunny, Care Bare, 99, Mesha, Taneisha Lee, Warnisha, Janae Foxx, Kim Pleasures, Edna with B. Pumper, Rico, Wesley Pipes and Rock.

Directed by Brian Pumper.

Extras include trailers, behind the scenes, photo gallery and web info.



Rick Keaton