Angela Loves Women


Dan Miller

If this isn’t the All-Girl All-Star Team, we’d like to see what is. With a starting five that could headline any movie from here to Australia, “Angela Loves Women” is big-league porn worth paying for.

Thanks to the elite cast, impeccable production value and sensational sex scenes, the second movie from Angela White’s AGW Entertainment is an early contender for 2016 All-Girl Release of the Year honors.

The Aussie performer White appears in every scene opposite Dani Daniels, Gracie Glam, Celeste Star and Bree Daniels, an unstoppable quartet that could do just about anything on camera and we’d watch.

There are no sex toys needed, just fingers and tongues, and there’s no shortage of heat without the usual hardware that accompanies most all-girl affairs. And each of the girls in this title is all-natural which is another rarity in today’s porn landscape.

White specialized in girl/girl scenes for the first eight years of her career, and it appears she’s mastered them. From the prime locations to the tasteful styling to the breathtaking videography bathed in natural light, nothing here was left to chance and it shows.

In the opener, Dani and Angela play with high-powered squirt guns before they tangle on the pool deck overlooking the Malibu mountainside. It’s a tough act to follow but lucky for the fans everyone’s up to the task.

The action continues as Angela joins Gracie for a beautiful tease sequence with the girls dancing on a staircase and seducing the camera with their eyes. Their ensuing sex is rhythmic and passionate, highlighted by Angela using one of her famous tits to get Gracie off.

Angela and Celeste, dressed to kill in black cocktail dresses, open their session with a gorgeous tease in a gazebo with yet another luxurious backdrop. It’s slow and sensual and puts them in the mood for a hook-up that seemed a long time coming.

The finale features Bree, who is just as stunning with blonde hair, and Angela in an otherworldly opening skillfully captured and beautifully performed. It gets really good when Angela spanks Bree’s ass before she wraps her yellow dress around her neck for some more playfully rough stuff. By that time, it’s almost too much to take.

Sometimes in porn superior performances meet superlative production value and if this is the kind of all-girl fare we can expect from AGW Entertainment, we’d love to see more.


All natural women having authentic and passionate lesbian sex!


Dan Miller