The Submission Of Emma Marx II: Boundaries

New Sensations
The Submission Of Emma Marx II: Boundaries


Dan Miller
In one of the most compelling narratives about a BDSM relationship ever brought to life in an adult film, the sequel to “The Submission of Emma Marx” features Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun reprising roles both seem born to play.

It’s a rare occasion when the storytelling in porn makes a sequel not only feel necessary it also leaves the viewer wanting more. But that’s what director Jacky St. James and her cast and crew at New Sensations have achieved with this sensational follow-up to their XBIZ Award-winning original from 2013.

Powered by terrific acting, smart pacing, and Pax and Calhoun’s volcanic sex scenes, the second part of their journey through a dark world of dominance and submission is both believable and surprisingly unexpected.

St. James chose to advance the story of Emma (Pax) and Mr. Frederick (Calhoun) in “Boundaries,” turning up the intensity of their “arrangement” when Emma moves in with him. Now a full-time submissive, Emma receives a new, beefier contract from Mr. Frederick, who also happens to be the boss at her office job, with a set of gnarly ground rules that test her mental and physical limits.

She reads the contract with Mr. Frederick in the film’s tone-setting sequence in which we hear the voice in Emma’s head reciting the words.

“Each day I will practice the art of submission in whatever form it presents itself — any time, day or night… I won’t just play the role, I’ll become the role.”

She continues, “I’ll accept every challenge given to me regardless of the level of difficulty… Punishments will be intense, but only as often as deserved.”

Emma must also ask for permission to share a bed with her master, who doesn’t always grant it. But it’s when she gets to the part in the contract where Mr. Frederick suggests bringing another person into their relationship that things start to get complicated. Emma doesn’t want sex with anyone but him, or so she thinks.

So Mr. Frederick, in a fashion that only he can, persuades Emma to open her mind to it. He assures her, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re in complete control over what you do and don’t do… I’m just making suggestions.”

Then almost like a hypnotist, Mr. Frederick sternly orders Emma to imagine what it would be like being with another man.

“Imagine how he would touch you. Who are you thinking of?” he asks her.

She confesses she’s fantasizing about the unassuming new guy at the office, Shane (Logan Pierce).

“He just seems so innocent, like he’s never done anything wrong and he’s dying to be corrupted,” Emma says.

Mr. Frederick presses her, asking, “How would he have sex with you?”

“He’d take me from behind,” she replies, now fully immersed in the fantasy. Mr. Frederick takes off his tie, blindfolds her and says, “I want you to pretend I’m him. Show me how he would touch you.”

They go straight to the anal in arguably the best scene of the movie as Pax and Calhoun deliver a build-up and lovemaking session so strong it rises to the level of performance art.

Meanwhile, Emma’s alluring sister Nadia (Riley Reid) brags to her that she’s been experimenting with BDSM with her husband Ray (Van Wylde), and now she regrets it because he wants a threesome. It gives Emma pause.

“When we add new sexual partners, is there always a negative outcome?” Emma asks herself. “Why can’t we have it all? An intimate connection to one person and the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of others?”

It’s those burning questions that keep “Boundaries” hurdling forward as Mr. Frederick extends his mental dominance over Emma, instructing her to let Shane know about her sexual thoughts for him. Pax, who is damn near unstoppable when she’s demure in glasses, brings even more depth to Emma’s character as she starts being sexually suggestive with Shane.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I was bold in spite of my fear,” she tells herself.

But the most dramatic turn comes when Mr. Frederick’s ex-girlfriend and first sub, Audrina (Sara Luvv), pays him a visit at the office. It takes Emma by surprise and sends her into an emotional tailspin. Suddenly she entertains doubts about her bond with Frederick, picturing him back in Audrina’s arms.

Consumed with worry, she starts failing at Mr. Frederick’s tasks and soon they begin to drift apart. Desperate for answers as to why he keeps leaving the house for long periods, Emma follows him to an unfamiliar location one morning.

In another incredible scene, a teary-eyed Emma confronts him. He asks her if she still trusts him. “I’m afraid I’m losing control,” Emma admits.

“Control weakens you. The power is always in letting go,” Frederick replies.

He assures her nothing happened with Audrina and he’s been going to the new spot to create “a safe place for us to push our limits outside of work and home.”

Against her wishes, he recommends they go back to a part-time arrangement and re-establish their “boundaries.” Then it’s time for Emma’s punishment, which involves Frederick putting her in shackles, disappearing and making her wait several hours before returning to fuck her as she begs for it.

It turns out going part-time is just the relief Emma needed and her confidence grows, setting the stage for the climactic scene when Mr. Frederick accompanies her to a hotel where she finally meets Shane and bangs them both in a torrid threesome.

What Emma has learned from these experiences is now clear: “Not everyone’s boundaries are meant to be crossed.” But for others, “life isn’t about being comfortable, it’s about being free.”

Calhoun brings an air of gravitas to the role of Mr. Frederick — the tone of his voice, delivery and command of the room hit all the right notes — and his chemistry with Pax is something special.

St. James, meanwhile, has created a definitive work that is part of a cultural moment for the BDSM lifestyle and it shows where adult entertainment can go when it reaches its potential.


When a new contract is drafted up defining the parameters of their BDSM relationship, Emma realizes that Mr. Frederick is anything but predictable. With new rules pushing her beyond her emotional and sexual limits, Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of erotic excitement. But when someone from Mr. Frederick's past resurfaces, her world is rocked to the very core. Rattled by the realization that sometimes the road to sexual freedom comes with a price, Emma must confront her inner demons and decide whether she's capable of a relationship that challenges the boundaries she's defined for herself.


Dan Miller