Daddys Girls

Girlfriends Films
Daddys Girls
Girlfriends Films pushes the envelope like never before with this B. Skow feature scripted by David Stanley. It’s a dysfunctional family melodrama with outrageous situations, heavy-breathing dialogue and surprisingly believable characters.

Alec Knight and Evan Stone play longtime best friends who happen—unbeknownst to either one—to lust for each other’s daughters. Alec in fact has gone beyond just thinking about it—“I fucked my best friend’s blind daughter,” he tells a hooker (Capri Cavanni) who’s blowing him—and is riddled with guilt. His own daughter, (Riley Reid) is an entrepreneurial bad girl who spreads her pussy on her webcam site. It turns out that Evan is Riley’s biggest online fan, and he finally gets to fuck his best friend’s daughter. (He is also, somewhat irrelevantly, diagnosed with cancer.)

The sex scenes are long and energetic. Riley’s rough seduction of unsighted Maddy O’Reilly is virtually a rape. Alec’s passionate scene with the blind girl features penetration with her walking stick. In another over-the-top moment, Evan’s cumshot inside Riley’s mouth ends up where he doesn’t expect.

Knight, always underrated, gives a career-best performance as the ultimately repentant dad. Maddy is haunting and vulnerable, and Riley is the trash-talking slut of every parent’s worst nightmare. All have been excellently directed by Skow, who deserves much credit for bringing off such an off-the-wall project.


Bob and Dale are best friends. They're both married. Bob to Gina and Dale to Iris. They both have teenage daughters. Dale's teenage daughter, Samantha, is blind and just back in town from a three month stint at a mental hospital, having tried to commit suicide after Bob took her virginity and unceremoniously dumped her. Meanwhile, Bob's daughter, Quincy has problems of her own, hosting a webcam sex site where she performs nasty acts for older men so that she can vent her sexual frustration over the fact that her own father, Bob refuses to fuck her, much to her horny chagrin.


Jared Rutter