Revenge Of The Petites

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Revenge Of The Petites
Indie filmmaker Harry Sparks makes his adult directorial debut with AMKingdom’s first scripted feature “Revenge of the Petites.” A funny and thoughtful homage to American coming-of-age comedies such as “Revenge of the Nerds,” “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “American Pie” and even “The Graduate,” the film’s story follows a pair of college coeds, played by Marie McCray and Skin Diamond, who get bamboozled into performing a sex act online by a group of mean-spirited Theta House sorority girls.

Publically humiliated, the petite duo soon get an opportunity for payback when nice — and drop-dead-gorgeous — Theta Celeste Star becomes an ally and sets out to concoct a plan to bring her sorority sisters down, in particular Theta leader Vanessa Cage, a stunning 5-foot-8 blonde. Adding to the drama are a mix of horny teachers (Talon, James Deen) and McCray’s would-be boyfriend (Seth Dickens).

Sparks, whose previous works include the documentary short “Shenandoah” and the horror film “Rotkäppchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood,” directs from a script he wrote based on a story conceived by AMKingdom proprietor Kim Nielsen. Both men are avid fans of teen comedies from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and it shows in their collaboration. Like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” or “Porky’s,” story and character come first in ‘Revenge of the Petites,” giving the film its heart and allowing for it to be a little more than just a sex movie.

Technically, despite running a tad on the long side, the film looks great and captures a nice nostalgic vibe that should have viewers digging through their old VHS tapes for a John Hughes fix. Leads McCray, Diamond and Cage display impressive acting talent, and are backed by a strong supporting cast that includes Dickens, Heidi Hansen as McCray’s hot mom and a hilarious Kris Slater as McCray’s friend who just happens to be hot for her mother.


In Revenge of the Petites, petite and nerdy Marie and her best friend Skin embark on their freshman year of college. They soon realize college life is not as easy as it seems. Subjected to the taunts, teasing and practical jokes of the tall and beautiful girls of Theta House, led by the vicious Vanessa, Marie and her friends are left with no choice but to join a sorority for other petite girls. When one cruel, practical joke by the girls of Theta House goes too far, the petites have enough. With the help of a former member of Theta House, the petites set out to get their revenge in the hilarious and heartfelt coming of age story with an adult twist.


Nelson Ayala