The Human Sexipede

Tom Byron Pictures
The Human Sexipede
Any movie where three people are sewn together ass-to-mouth is destined to become a porn parody. Thus, it’s no surprise that indie horror sensation “The Human Centipede” inspired “The Human Sexipede.” Fortunately, it was Lee Roy Myers who was tapped to direct the spoof and he truly did an amazing job with it. The production quality is excellent, the screenplay witty, and the sex hot and occasionally twisted.

Sunny Lane and Danica Dillan are two horny American tourists who hook up with Dr. Heifer (played hilariously by Tom Byron), who promises to show them a kinky good time. Turns out by kinky, Dr. Heifer means sewing them together with Keni Styles in a manner that allows all three to have near constant orgasms. “My whole life will be lived as a mutant…but I’ll get to cum, like all the time. That‘s pretty cool,” Danica notes in agreeing to the procedure.

Sunny and Danica turn in an energetic girl/girl scene and a lengthy three-way with Keni Styles, so fans of either will be especially appreciative of the movie. Another sexual standout is Kaci Starr, a sexy brunette with bush who turns in a great scene with Keni that seems genuinely pleasurable throughout. And of course, there’s the final twisted shot — Sunny, Danica, and Keni surgically bound together in perpetual orgasmic bliss.


Tom Byron Pictures presents the most controversial porn parody ever made - The Human Sexipede! "In this funny & sexy spoof of one fo the most disturbing horror films of all time, three horny tourists vacationing in Germany go out looking for a really good time. Instead, the venturous individuals end up being guinea pigs in teh "Mad Sexual Educator's" twisted experiment to creat The Human Sexipede, which is accomplished via sewing three people together - mouth to genitals. "The Human Sexipede will suck you in and leave you hungry for more.


Scott Ross