WIA Profile: Alexandra H.

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What is your role and responsibility at IVD?

Getting to learn the lingo of the adult world has been interesting

As public relations manager I'm responsible for promoting and branding IVD and our sister companies, and in particular, the exclusive lines that we carry like Daring Media Group, New Porn Order, Incredible Digital and Bubba the Love Sponge. We also recently announced a deal with Matrix HD, so in theory, you never know what's down the pipeline here at IVD and I'm sure the number of brands I publicize will change as our business does. A good PR push always tries to create a buzz on the street level — to drive up interest from adult fans to such an extent that customers are literally clamoring for titles we distribute, both in stores and online. Trying to secure media placement in more mainstream press outlets is always the biggest challenge, but with Bubba along for the ride, we're getting mentions in trucking, wrestling, music, racing and other niche outlets.

What are your personal and professional goals for 2008?

I just moved into a great house on the Jersey Shore, so I can't wait to get more settled and watch more sunsets on the beach. Work-wise, I am not happy unless I'm constantly busy, so I hope I land as much IVD brand exposure as I can.

Describe your typical workday.

It normally takes me about an hour to go through all the emails and voicemails from overnight. I'm always multi-tasking: I'm thinking of new and creative ways to market our brands (i.e. through sales promotions), and I work closely with our art department and sales staff to coordinate PR campaigns when certain titles are coming out. I'm constantly reading trade publications, looking into online and traditional marketing methods, surfing the web for adult-related articles and sites, and posting in blogs and forums about our DVDs. I send out a number of press releases each week so I'm constantly writing, too.

What is the biggest challenge to being a woman in the adult entertainment industry?

Getting to learn the lingo of the adult world has been interesting and sometimes hilarious ("What's 'ATM'?," "What's a 2257?"). I'm a pretty liberal person, so adult content has never bothered me, and I'm certainly not offended or shocked by it (although perhaps the variety of content took some adjusting to). As they say, there is truly something for everyone. I would suppose winning over people outside the business who think that porn solely objectifies women will always be a battle. The number of women executives, directors and staff in the adult industry, however, constantly impresses me.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

My parents always stressed, "do what you really love," so I have always looked for work experiences that are unique — ones that have enabled me to always learn new things and not begrudge going to work every morning. Traveling, listening to my boyfriend sing and play guitar at one of his gigs, and creative crafts projects — I just upholstered an art deco bench if you can believe it — keep me sane on the weekends.


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