ColorMunki Photo

Stephen Yagielowicz
Color problems got you singing the blues? Mismatched prints and irate clients making you see red? Then you need ColorMunki — an integrated color control solution that lets users calibrate their displays, projectors and printers for accurate color matching.

Available for both PC and Mac users, ColorMunki is an easily portable USB-powered spectrophotometer with a built in white calibration tile allowing for quick color profiling of monitors and printers, allowing for printouts to exactly match what is seen on screen.

Finally, variances in a photographer, website owner or designer's display settings can be eliminated as a source of "off color" images — something that visual-centric fields like adult entertainment can ill afford.

According to the company, ColorMunki offers both an easy mode with predetermined selections as well as an advanced mode for LCD and laptop displays that provides more control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness and ambient measurements.

A DDC auto-detect control automatically senses and calibrates compliant monitors, ensuring even neophyte users receive a high quality profile. Multiple displays are easily matched for color consistency, with before-and-after images and calibration reminders.

ColorMunki enables RGB and CMYK printer profiling by simply scanning a single test chart containing 50 color swatches to calculate an interim profile that shows it how your printer handles these colors. A second test chart is then printed and scanned to perfect the device's profile — with customizable optimization for specific colors or flesh tones.

ColorMunki also delivers accurate projector profiles, allowing users to share their images on the big screen — ideal for designers trying to pitch a client — and through its unique DigitalPouch™ self-executable application, lets users drag and drop images to the pouch, "zip" them and send them to recipients to view, using your embedded profiles and then displaying them on a replicated viewing screen.

ColorMunki can capture colors from any source, physical or digital, and use them to create a custom color palette; including grabbing colors from any surface, by using its spot color measurement function. These custom color palettes can then be automatically synchronized to Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, or imported into other applications.

ColorMunki Photo includes a Black ColorMunki spectrophotometer; profiling software; ColorPicker and DigitalPouch software; a protection bag/monitor holder; a Quick Start Guide and a USB power cord.

ColorMunki Photo is available online for around $500. For more information, visit