MPA3® Cascade Now Includes Webbilling.com EU Direct Debit

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More Choices for Preferred Alternative Billing

Industry leading affiliate statistics software maker, Mansion Productions.com, has announced that MPA3® clients can now access Webbilling.com EU Direct Debit (www.Webbilling.com) processing within the software cascade providing an additional preferred billing mechanism for major EU markets.

“As the online affiliate marketing industry continues to grow and expand, our software is designed to adapt to a wide variety of business models and webmaster needs,” said Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion. “Webbilling.com gives all site owners another way to process EU joins, helping to ensure that no potential user leaves without seeing his preferred join method. Webbilling.com offers real direct debit solutions for Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, which really adds to their ability to increase EU revenue volumes where credit cards are not so common.”

With a negative database developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services for any chargebacks, Webbilling.com has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. Their European Direct Debit can be added to any existing billing cascade and does not cannibalize credit card revenue. Webbilling.com assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service.

Program owners are encouraged to visit MPA3®.com to find details on how to easily add Webbilling.com to your join options to take advantage of the strong Euro and British Pound. The addition of Webbilling direct debit along with the many other innovative ways that MPA3® affiliate software all contribute to the enhancement of affiliate program management for the benefit of owners, affiliates and the end line consumer experience as well.

For more information, contact Webbilling JoeD at: marketing@webbilling.com

EU Direct Debit

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