WIA Profile: Kristin of Evil Angel Cash

Tod Hunter

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How did you get into doing this?

You have to produce.

About a year and a half ago, I saw an ad in the paper for sales, and it was for SilverCash. I went in and spoke to HR, and I wound up working for SilverCash for about a year. That was my first introduction into adult. I had been in land acquisition for a home builder, and before that I did escrows for many years.

How does adult differ from real estate?

I did sales the same as when I was doing the land acquisitions. Finding the raw land to buy from the different entities. Finding land is like part of what I do now in terms of sales. But there's a lot more involved with land acquisition than with new affiliates and banners. But it's more trial-and-error with sales and banners, finding out what works and what doesn't. In land acquisition you know before you get started if it works or not.

What else do you do at Evil Angel?

I help get things ready for shows: promo materials and posters. When we are sponsoring a show there are tons of promo items and banner sizes and things of that sort to get. On the electronic side there's the board posts and hitting up everyone, keeping visible and making sure everyone knows where Evil Angel will be.

We're sponsoring the pool at the XBIZ Summer Forum '08, so we got bikinis, beach balls, wife beater shirts, pens, lighters and baseball caps to give away at the cabana. I had to order banners, and the pool menu is our creation.

Do you have a family?

Yes, I do.

How do you sync what you do with what you do at home?

The Significant Other is aware and comfortable with what I do, so there isn't an issue there. I have two daughters, 11 and 14. They're in junior high and now high school, so they're gone during the day. I have several laptops at the house, so when they get home I transfer to the bedroom or whatever.

Do they know what mom does?

Not for the industry, but they know that I sell marketing and I go to trade shows. They know everything I do, they just don't know that I'm marketing and sales for the adult industry. They think it's mainstream. I don't have a problem explaining it to them when they're ready to hear it. They see. I get T-shirts. I got one from HotMovies, I didn't pay attention and it said "Girls watch it too" on the front. My older one was, like, "Watch what?" We're getting to that age where it's going to be challenging. It won't be a bomb, but it's going to be more of a surprise. They know about the trade shows, they know that it's crazy. They know what I do, they just don't know what the banners are.

Has the downturn in business nationwide affected you at all?

Fortunately, we're selling affiliations and trading banners instead of buying and selling ad space. It's easier that way with money tight in a lot of places.

How do you get treated seriously as a woman in the adult industry?

You have to produce. For a female, it takes a little more time for that to happen, but if you stick with it, it happens. Word of mouth helps. In this business, people assume that the women who aren't performers are. There's nothing wrong with being a performer, but that's not the end of the business I'm in. I stay businesslike. You need to follow up, and connect with people. Produce, and do what you say you're going to do. If you can't deliver, for some reason, make immediate contact to let the person know. It's basic business. After a while, it's obvious who works hard and who doesn't. It's the same as any business, really.