Additional Currency Conversion Capabilities

Joe D
Merchants keep asking for more capability so they can customize and control every aspect of their program and processing capability and we are responding, making their requests reality as fast as we can program. Webbilling.com has announced further upgrades to our platform with the roll out of additional currency conversion features for billing in Euros and GBPounds.

As I've told you in previous posts, Webbilling has focused on the use of Direct Debit for the conversion of European traffic in the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Austria and Germany, and recently announced the addition of Webbilling.com Advanced Direct Pay for a total of 43 EU countries.

Our new conversion utility affords merchants flexible pricing options allowing them to set direct 1:1 conversion, conversion floating with the Central European Bank daily rates, conversion floating with the Central European Bank daily rates and a specified merchant margin, or a specified fixed conversion rate. Merchants are also able to utilize the Webbilling ‘round-up’ feature which allows them to specify a consistent ‘_.95’ or ‘_.99’ price point regardless of their conversion choice. Floating with the Central European Bank daily rates and a specified merchant margin allows Webbilling.com merchants to account for bank conversion fees in their pricing model, as banks always charge more than the official rates. Innovative processing ideas combined with ongoing research and development is what keeps Webbilling.com and our merchants on top of the ever-evolving global markets. Webbilling.com utilizes the latest technology and experienced staff to ensure the steady adoption of merchant requested upgrades to our transparent system - watch for new reporting and analytics announcements soon.

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