'Brent Corrigan's Summit'

Spencer & Lambert
XBIZ Premiere presents another in its series of gay adult film reviews; this time featuring "Brent Corrigan's Summit" by Dirty Bird Pictures/Prodigy Pictures: Directed by Brent Corrigan and starring Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Reese Reynolds, Damien White, Kodie Payne, Brooklyn Ray, Adam Wells, Keegan Kemp, Jacob Powell and Justin Tyler.

Vincent Lambert: We're hitting the road again, kids, and this month we're off to Lake Tahoe with Brent Corrigan and his boyish crew for the movie "Brent Corrigan's Summit."

Jeremy Spencer: Whoo-hoo! This is a trip I've been waiting to take for a long time.

VL: You do like the fresh-faced young lads, don't you, Spence?

JS: Yes, but it's rarely reciprocated, I might add. I get older and they get younger ...

VL: You gonna be okay?

JS: Yeah. Nothing a good cry later won't fix. Now, if anyone reading this doesn't know, this is Brent Corrigan's directorial debut for his own production company, Prodigy Pictures.

VL: Actually, Spence, I've never been to Lake Tahoe, but judging from this release, it sure looks like a fun spot.

JS: I can think of no better travelogue than one that features a bevy of beautiful boys.

VL: The plotline of "Brent Corrigan's Summit" is pretty basic: Brent and his buddies venture to a secluded mountain cabin where they spend quality time playing pool, swimming and doing tequila shots while engaging in randy games of Truth or Dare — be sure to watch the DVD extras for some fun fratboy antics.

JS: And they have a lot of sex.

VL: It'd be a crappy porn movie if they didn't.

JS: Brent directed the movie and also hosts.

VL: Which basically means he pops up between scenes to introduce the models — some borrowed from Dink Flamingo's Active Duty site — and offers little tidbits.

JS: When he wore the little red pajamas in the first intro, he looked like Baby Santa Claus. I wonder what he'd put in my stocking?

VL: A restraining order, probably.

JS: The first scene has Brent introducing us to Jacob Powell and Damien White. They play a game of pool in which the loser gets fucked. Damien loses and has to go down on Jacob's impressive cock.

VL: Damien is an amateur cocksucker, but you can tell he's improving.

JS: Well, when he takes the dick out of his mouth and sticks it up his bubble butt, you find out where his real talents lie.

VL: Most of the fucking in this movie is shot in extreme close-up, so the probing gets pretty intense. I thought it was interesting in this scene that one minute we see Jacob sort of teasing Damien's hole with his dick, then the next shot he magically has a condom on and is entering him. Why do they edit that out? We need more eroticizing of safer sex in the movies. Then maybe guys will want to do it in real life.

JS: The next scene is a threesome featuring Brooklyn Ray (who I think is a sexy fucker), Keegan Kemp and Damien again, who starts out asleep on the next bed — but it takes all of five seconds to get him up.

VL: Pun intended?

JS: Always.

VL: There is a nice daisy chain blowjob and Ray tops Damien, who again takes it like a champ. But soon Damien cums and goes, leaving Ray to top Keegan, who is much more vocal. He also delivers two cumshots. It's almost enough to make you forget about the choppy editing.

JS: Give Brent a break, will ya? It's his first film — he shows a lot of potential as a director.

VL: You don't think he had help?

JS: Everyone needs help the first time.

VL: Well, Brent finally gets in on the action in the third scene, and it's certainly worth the wait. In his dishy intro, he tells us that he and Mason Wyler were totally into each other and that when it came time to edit this scene, there was "no shortage of hot content." Well, that's for damn sure!

JS: Their pairing starts off in the steam room, where the guys cavort, getting all sweaty and pressing their hot boners against the glass door.

VL: This is quite inventive and gets the viewers revved up to see more. Soon, the twinks jump in and out of the pool and start performing some deep oral work. It's hard to believe that someone as boyish as Brent is such a seasoned pro. He really knows how to play to the camera.

JS: It's definitely the best scene in the film — it certainly has the most chemistry.

VL: I agree — but director Brent (perhaps due to a clueless cameraman) commits a cardinal sin in porn by cutting away from the cumshot! A note to newbie directors: You never cut away when the jizz is flying! This is what porn fans pay good money to see! So Mason creams on Brent's cute face, but we don't get an optimal view of it. This is truly a missed opportunity.

JS: Are you going to be okay? Do you need to lie down for a second?

VL: You never cut away from the cumshot!

JS: OK, why don't you go put your head between your knees for a moment?

VL: I'm fine.

JS: Well, then go put your head between someone else's knees.

VL: I said I was fine. All the scenes definitely have a no-frills feel. There is no music, the lighting and sound is dodgy, but that's part of the amateur genre charm. Plus the energy of the cast makes up for it.

JS: Between the sex scenes, we get some fun behind-the-scenes footage of the guys in photo shoots, hanging out and even waking up in the morning. Brent adorably shows off his impressive "good morning wood."

VL: Hey, any morning with wood like that is a good one!

JS: I would never be able to start my day.

VL: The final sex scene is a four-way starring Brent, Jacob, Adam Wells and Reese Reynolds. Brent and Adam do some surprisingly lifeless fucking, but then Jacob brings his big dick into the scene and things definitely pick up. An enthusiastic Brent sucks and rides both Reese and then Jacob's monster cock. In the intro, he talks about how Jacob's dick just shredded him.

JS: I'll bet. You could put an eye out with that thing.

VL: Yes, but once again, the misinformed cameraman chooses to focus on Jacob's contorted cum face instead of his cumshot!

JS: Are you going to need to sit down again?

VL: Brent needs to give better direction next time — or hire an experienced cameraman.

JS: If you read the credits, Vince, you'd see that there were several cameramen — ranging from the models themselves to editor Steve Jerome.

VL: You don't cut away from the cumshot!

JS: All right, take it easy. In the end, Brent has a nice solo by the fire before bidding the audience good night.

VL: It's funny how much he reminds me of a gay-porn version of Zac Efron.

JS: He totally does! Even down to the hair!

VL: I was in the lobby of the W Hotel in San Francisco this February when Brent checked in with his entourage. I could have sworn the cast of "High School Musical" was trailing him; he looked so Efron-esque in his shades and with his perfect hair.

JS: Oh, good, Vince — let's bring Disney into the gay porn review.

VL: He just needs to learn a bit more about his craft and surround himself with talented people, and I'm sure he'll get better. As it is, "Brent Corrigan's Summit" still offers hot amateur fratboy fun. Who wouldn't want to escape to Lake Tahoe for some of that?