Webbilling.com Adds Advanced Direct Pay

Joe D
We listen to our merchants, and in our endeavor to be the global leader in the provision of real European Direct Debit solutions, coupled with value added benefits related to our banking focus, we are rolling out our Webbilling Advanced Direct Pay for 43 European countries.

For over eleven years Webbilling.com has focused on the use of Direct Debit for the conversion of European traffic in the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Austria and Germany, and now you can access the rest of Europe using Webbilling.com Advanced Direct Pay.

Key benefits of Webbilling Advanced Direct Pay include:
  • Advanced Direct Pay Covers 43 European Countries
  • Payment Funds Are Available in as Little as One Day
  • Advanced Direct Pay Guarantees No Chargebacks
  • Your User Can Remain Completely Anonymous
  • Take Advantage of our Webbilling Periodic Recurring Process
Today’s rapid and ever changing e-commerce world demands innovative ideas and solutions in order to increase market share; strengthen your brand and grow your bottom line. Innovative processing ideas combined with ongoing research and development is what keeps Webbilling.com and our merchants on top of the ever evolving global markets. We utilize the latest technology and experienced staff to ensure the steady growth and profitability of your business. Our innovation is driven by our experience.

Senior Partner Michael Reul assures all prospective client-merchants that “we have worked hard to enable our Webbilling Advanced Direct Pay surfer/users to have access to merchants’ sites in as little as one day. While this method is not as effective as our true direct debit, and not exactly impulse buying, it is guaranteed no chargebacks and works effectively for the 38 European countries still requiring a physical signature for real pull debits. We will continue to innovate and refine our techniques in this area in order to further maximize our merchants’ earning power.”

- Individual Solutions for Individual Requirements -

The Webbilling.com team is setting appointments for August Internext. Introduce yourself at the Mix & Meet Market Thursday August 7th, 2008 or contact us in advance for an appointment to discuss Webbilling Advanced Direct Pay and all aspects of our proven EU direct debit platform. Let us show you exactly how you can best leverage current economic conditions for your specific programs.

Please contact:
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About Webbilling.com:

WEBBILLING.com B.V. is the leading provider of real EU Direct Debit services to e-commerce companies worldwide. With a negative database and systems developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services, Webbilling.com has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. Their European Direct Debit can be added to any existing billing cascade and does not cannibalize credit card revenue. Webbilling.com assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service second to none.

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