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Geo-Targeting Keys Notable Gains for TotemCash

TotemCash has always been a unique and special program due in great part to its innovative co-founder. Over the recent past, data gleaned from its proprietary geo-targeting platform, designed to measure billing performance from country to country, has resulted in a more comfortable buying experience for end-users, and higher conversion rates for company affiliates, resulting of course in more revenue for all concerned.

TotemCash co-owner Rex Excoffier felt it important to develop an in-house methodology for comparing the myriad processor options, instead of relying on third-party data of questionable accuracy, or conclusions in the throes of obsolescence.

“We all know the importance of geo-targeting,” Excoffier explained. “That’s well documented and has yielded fruit for everyone. At TotemCash, we wanted to dig deeper, get more precise. Which billers really performed, country to country, culture to culture? Were there discernable patterns? We wanted concrete answers.”

TotemCash programmers set about the task of creating a backend platform to answer these questions, a tool to gauge biller performance on a country-by-country basis. Successful transactions were compared alongside attempted transactions, and results were tabulated by region.

“Each biller has its own rules,” Excoffier explained. "It’s a costly mistake to think they’re all the same. Some accept customers from Russia, others do not. One processor might be ideal for micro-payment processing in one country, but best for monthly billing in another.”

Once he gathered enough of this regionally focused data, Excoffier’s team reconfigured their sites, to conform to their findings. The best-performing processor in each country was made that country’s primary billing option.

This granular approach to geo-targeting means that consumers are greeted by join pages filled with the processing and currency choices they are most familiar with in their day-to-day lives. This results in a high level of comfort, as this surfer makes the ultimate decision to ‘join now.’ Even secondary billing options have a better chance of converting, in the event that a transaction fails, or that a customer simply prefers to use a different processor or method.

The results, Excoffier reported, were immediate and profound. Conversion rates jumped a whopping 7% across the board.

“Sometimes you implement a new initiative and its effects, however positive, are subtle and slow to take hold. Not so in this case. For the industry, I think it underscores the importance of geo-targeting, recognizing the fact that we all market to a multicultural world of consumers through processors that have their own unique rules and requirements. For us, it’s a real milestone. We see it as a preface of great things to come — for our company, and our webmaster partners.”

Excoffier also noted that the billing options are by no means fixed. They can be adjusted dynamically to conform to changes in the market and consumer preference.

The new approach to billing has already been integrated into multiple TotemCash programs.

TotemCash has several new initiatives on the horizon aimed at generating more revenue for affiliates. The company, based in Paris, has always led the field with tools including a multilingual, geo-banner system that inspires more clicks by displaying sales tools in surfers’ native tongues.

Pairing the right billing platform with accurate geo-targeting that allows the surfer every option right up to the join form will allow you to monetize your international traffic like never before. Become a TotemCash webmaster, or speak with Rex for sponsor-to-sponsor opportunities.

Free host ad rotation platform, MadisonAvenue.com, CEO, Marc Womack recently echoed this theme, stating,“Geo-targeting was the most requested feature from both our publishers and advertisers so we’re incredibly excited to offer this to both groups.”

“Advertisers can now buy traffic only from the countries that will convert for them. Publishers can now easily monetize traffic they’ve never been able to target,” he said. “Not only have we made it simple to target specific countries, we’ve given advertisers the ability to change the countries they’re targeting on the fly from their advertiser account as their campaigns progress.”

Combining geo-targeting with micro-billing research and implementation, and native translations will really step your conversions up to the highest levels possible. Micro-manage your billing cascade. You have the infrastructure, content and maybe even the traffic already in place – now fine tune what you have built to maximize your revenue.

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