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Webbilling.com Innovates in Risk Prevention and Fraud Barrier Arenas

European Direct Debit solutions platform provider Webbilling.com has implemented further upgrades to their fraud control and risk management systems for their client-merchants’ direct debit join users in the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

For over ten years Webbilling has focused on the use of direct debit for the conversion of European traffic. This has included specifically targeted elements for the adult industry providing the same immediacy, ease, and with the same marketing tools enjoyed with credit card billing, and the expenditure of heavy resources on fraud prevention and risk management through enhanced SecurePin and PinCall features, negative database, address verification, direct communication with the user, and their unique Chargeback Recovery Unit.

Senior Partner Michael Reul assures all prospective client-merchants that advanced fraud protection is just one more opportunity in the continuing Webbilling mission to provide debit focused products to sponsors at reasonable rates. He added, “New enhancements to our system are of particular interest to cam site operators, as we now have the capability to maintain individual settings per merchant for limits for new users. We also have a new automatic system to notify and request documentation in concert with the merchant to set personal limits for specific users.”

Webbilling JoeD explained that “in the initial days when charge back risk is especially high it is important to be able to limit and scale risk with a flexible ladder based on many factors. We work together, in direct consultation with our cam merchants and in concert with their proprietary risk management systems, to ensure maximum ease of access for the serious user and the best possible result for the merchant. The ladder structure is totally flexible, and each merchant is able to individually adjust limits based on their comfort levels.”

Webbilling.com employs manual screening techniques in addition to all automatic systems and encourages merchant involvement in all processes.

The Webbilling.com Team is setting appointments for the Cybernet Expo, June 10th to 13th in San Francisco and Xbiz Las Vegas July 9th to 11th. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss these and all aspects of our proven EU direct debit platform. Let us show you exactly how you can best leverage current economic conditions for your specific programs.

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About Webbilling.com:

WEBBILLING.com B.V. is the leading provider of real EU Direct Debit services to e-commerce companies worldwide. Webbilling.com provides real direct debit solutions for Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and the UK. With a negative database developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services, Webbilling.com has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. Their European Direct Debit can be added to any existing billing cascade and does not cannibalize credit card revenue. Webbilling.com assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service second to none.

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