Thexis Hits Gay Target Market

Jeremy Spencer
When one thinks of fetish videos, an image often comes to mind of a large, hairy men engaging in rough hardcore sex.

Not necessarily, says Thexis LLC.

Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Thexis LLC puts its focus on the younger men in the industry: pretty boys in the 18-23 category who just happen to like their sexual fantasies a little more diverse than the normal vanilla fare.

"The funny thing is, Thexis is our main corporate company but no one really knows what or who Thexis is, so we always release from and use our main studio, which is SaggerzSkaterz Studio," said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Andrew Yancey. "We also release titles under our other studio, Foot Buddies."

Founded back in 2003 by Shot Oakley, Thexis is now helmed by his former business partner Zak Miller.

"Years ago, I worked in Hollywood making commercials and just got burned out," Miller said. "My friend, Dave DeMaria, told me how successful he was with his sites and the rest is history."

Miller took an approach from the beginning that he didn't want [his sites] to be like every other twink website out there.

"I wanted it to be more realistic," he said. "All twinks aren't the queeny gay boys we often see them portrayed as. They're surfers, they're skaters, they're the boy next door we all grew up with and lusted after."

"SaggerzSkaterz Studio is our main studio where we produce our own twink line, such as our spanking and skater lines," Yancey said. "Our studio also does co-branded DVDs in conjunction with other studios like Boy Crush."

Miller and Yancey met while Yancey was the webmaster for and they "quickly became friends, talking daily about everything under the sun."

"I got started in the adult business in late 1998," Yancey told XBIZ. "Having worked with companies like Channel 1 Releasing and has really given me a solid base in my field. Now I handle online marketing for our studio, our membership sites, our soon to be launched Undie and our brand new affiliate program"

With so many different lines, Thexis LLC has produced dozens of titles.

"If you count everything, including the small titles from back in the day that didn't get much distribution, I'd say we carried around 45 titles," Yancey said.

When asked about having exclusive models working with them, Miller said "The answer to this question is a yes-and-no answer for us. There are many models that we have worked with who have never gone to work with other companies, simply because they love working with us. We do give incentives to select models that do work solely for our studio."

On the DVD industry making its move to online distribution, Miller remarked, "We're actually a couple steps ahead of the game. We've had our content online for a while now, and we're in the process of expanding the reach of our studio online. We also have several of our movies online with PPV/VOD companies like Maleflixxx and AEBN, but we're always looking to increase sales and exposure."

"We think that change is always good," Yancey added. "As long as we as a company adapt and grow with these changes. There will always be people that want porn, and we'll always find a way to give them what they want."


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